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Expert Property Manager Forecasts Strong Sarasota Single Family Rental Demand into 2020

Strong North Port, Sarasota, and Bradenton Rental Demand

Our position as one of the area's most active professional property management firms gives us a "front-seat" perspective on the forces and trends driving the Sarasota and Manatee County rental markets. Given our vantage point at the forefront of area real estate activity, we believe that[...]

Real Estate Partners Every North Port–Sarasota–Bradenton Investor Needs

Successful Real Estate Investors Do This . . .

Successful real estate investors who go it alone are a rare breed. They're typically limited to small deals, small portfolios, and limited wealth creation. On one level, they may be "successful," but they fail to see how much bigger and brighter their real estate investing future could be. Truly[...]

What To Do When a Neighbor Has a Dispute With Your Tenant?

Sarasota Area Tenants Don't Always Play Nice

As the 80's pop-band "Depeche Mode" used to sing, "People are people, so why should it be . . ." (I'm really dating myself here ;-)). The truth is, people sometimes aren't nice to each other—it's a fact of life.

Sarasota Property Management Companies: When Should You Fire Your Property Manager?

Not All Property Managers Act Professionally

As a property manager, this is a touchy subject to be writing about—many in the industry would prefer that this topic not be discussed at all. Many would prefer to "let sleeping dogs lie," as it were. However, I see things differently. I believe that an open discussion about what constitutes "good"[...]

How Foreign Nationals Can Legally Avoid The 30% Withholding Tax On Sarasota Rental Property Income

What Foreign Nationals Investing in Rental Property Need to Know

While the fundamentals of investing in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, and North Port, FL area residential rental properties are the same no matter the nationality of the investor, there is one consideration that many foreign national investors seem to overlook—taxation. The purpose[...]

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